quanvision is a video production company founded in 2000 in Marbella - Spain. Over the years we have finalised well over 250 projects and we have been fortunate to work with leading companies such as Turkish Airlines, Omega, Amels, Jamena and Real de La Quinta. Since we launched, our goal has always been to create inspiring audiovisual content that connects with targeted audiences.

quanvision S.L. | Calle Calvario 8, Edificio Marbelsun 1, Planta 4 - Piso 5 | 29602 Marbella | tel. +34 952 771 936 | mail@quanvision.com


Frank Knipschild

Creative Director and Editor

Frank is the founder of quanvision. He is an experienced Flying Dutchman who shoots evocative footage all over the world. He has a real passion for the job and that shines through in projects both commercial and artistic.


Michael Denker

Director of Photography (freelance)

Michael is a specialist sports and lifestyle DOP based in Marbella, Spain. His expertise in still and film footage has taken him around the world capturing iconic moments in Yachting, Fashion, Golf and the Automotive and Airline sectors.


Manuel Calvo

Director of Photography (freelance)

Manuel is a seasoned DOP noted for his technical skill, creative eye and his ability to convey mood and atmosphere. He is very versatile, having travelled the world filming sporting events, documentaries and TV shows. For him, capturing the essence, that perfect moment, is what it is all about.


Claudia Vela Barranco (freelance)

Project Manager

Claudia is a true organiser. Dealing with all production related tasks she organises permits, screenings, location scouting, organises props, pays invoices,… you name it, … she is on it!


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quanvision S.L. | Calle Alonso de Bazán 8, Edificio Diplomatico 4 - 28 | 29602 Marbella | tel. +34 951 700 275 | mail@quanvision.com

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